South Crete Property

South Crete Property has been active in the field of project planning and property construction since its establishment by civil engineer Michalis Alexandrakis in 1977. Today we are a partnership of civil engineers and architects with a wide range of specialists and freelancers. We undertake consulting and advising on land plot and real estate investment as well as designing, constructing and completing luxury homes, apartment buildings, tourist resorts and business buildings.

Our key philosophy in planning and constructing is to guarantee high quality by following strict rules and regulations, adapting to the latest legal requirements and thoroughly designing the details to ensure aesthetic pleasure, tastefulness, environmental harmony, as well as functionality and high energy efficiency.


Our main difference from other local businesses in our field is that we are both engineers and contractors.

This means that we completely undertake each project, from the moment of conceiving the design, up to the moment it is fully built and finished to perfection. We ensure that every detail is carefully executed and transferred from blueprint to real life. We eradicate the risk of miscommunication, delay, surcharge, liability disclaimer, all common when separate professionals undertake different parts of the building project. We offer high quality and efficiency from start to finish.

Our Team

  • Lito Alexandraki

    Civil Engineer NTU Athens & Real Estate Agent

  • Nikias Alexandrakis

    Civil Engineer NTU Athens

  • Stavros Alexandrakis

    Civil Engineer NTU Athens

  • Michalis Alexandrakis

    Civil Engineer NTU Athens

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