Date of Construction 2015
Location Kalamaki
View Mountain and Sea
Area 80 m²
Status Not Available
Kitchen YES
Living Room YES
Bathrooms 1
Bedrooms 2
WC 0
Storage Room YES
Fitness/Yoga Room YES
Balcony YES
Swimming Pool NO
Pergola YES
Parking Lots 2
Heating YES
Type of Heating System Heat Pump - Floor Heating
Air Conditioner YES
Solar Panels YES
Fireplace NO

Type : Residence

Description :

Built to modern Swiss quality standards apartment building incorporates tasteful, high quality and eco-friendly materials in its construction. The constructional focus on thermal insulation, sound insulation and energy glass ensures privacy, comfort and safety. The 4 luxurious apartments are located on the beach front at Kalamaki on the Northern side of the village. Each apartment is approx. 80 m2 and accommodates 2 – 4 persons (2 bedrooms). For every apartment there is a storage room in the 2 basements. In the building there is also a yoga/fitness room with extra space that can be used as a changing-room and an extra bathroom. Underfloor heating in combination with high insulation standards make the apartments ideal residences even for Winter.



Owner's Statement:

The building, designed and constructed by South Crete Property Engineers, accommodates holiday guests all year long in its 4 luxurious apartments (AELLA APARTMENTS). Things that impress me as an owner are obvious and should exist in every construction, nevertheless they are missing from the majority of the other buildings in our region. As examples I could mention the following features: 1.Excellent sound insulation that secures an undisturbed living of our guests. 2.Minimum energy consumption by using energy-efficient equipment and suitable thermal insulation (considering that the apartments are also available in the Winter, their operation would be impossible if the energy cost was high). 3.The cosy ambiance of the apartments, as the correct application of design and construction solutions offers a high level of comfort.



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