Date of Construction 2012
Location Mires
View Mountain
Area 37 m²
Status Not Available
Kitchen YES
Living Room YES
Bathrooms 0
Bedrooms 0
WC 1
Storage Room YES
Fitness/Yoga Room NO
Balcony YES
Swimming Pool NO
Pergola NO
Parking Lots 1
Heating YES
Type of Heating System Boiler Burner System
Air Conditioner YES
Solar Panels NO
Fireplace NO

Type : Store

Description :

The property is located in Mires at a central but quiet neighborhood of the town. The project was designed and constructed in order to house 8 office/shops.

The block of flats, the ground plan of which has a typical "E" shape, includes 4 floors. On each floor there are 2 offices/shops. The building's orientation is eastern, something that gives the rooms plenty of natural lighting. Excellently insulated spaces create particularly pleasant living conditions throughout the year. Especially privileged are the offices/shops on the top floor that provides a great view of the Asterousia Mountain range.

Each office/shop has an area of approximately 37sq.m and includes a reception/guest room, a main office area, a WC and a balcony. All interior spaces, except from the large amount of natural light that they have, they are airy and functional, as elegant architectural solutions have created small, discreet corners which satisfy everyday needs. For example, in the main office area a built-in wardrobe "hides" a kitchenette with a sink and space for a small fridge, shelves and cooking hobs.






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